Mail / PO Boxes

Rentals & Forwarding Service

Mailbox rentals are the foundation of our business; we pride ourselves on careful and expert handling of your mail and parcels. Our service extends all over the U.S. and even Worldwide.

Security and confidentiality are among our highest priorities. We’re not just renting mailboxes; we’re supplying customer service at a high level. Our mailbox rental customers reward us with their loyalty by renewing year after year.

Many U.S. online merchants and suppliers do not ship overseas, or charge substantially high international shipping rates. At Mail, Gifts, and Wine, we take special interest in our international online shoppers by providing a U.S. shipping address accepted by all U.S. retailers. We then forward received packages to the specified worldwide forwarding destination. With us, you receive quality service while avoiding the high rates.

  • Get a prestigous Newport Beach, CA street address
  • Small, Medium & Large Size Mailboxes
  • Personal or Business use.
  • Mail Forwarding service available.

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